"E Kāmau iho i ka hoe a pae aku i ke kula."

2012 MNCR Results


The 2nd annual Maui Nui Canoe Race launched Friday morning, October 18, 2012 and would cover the weekend spanning three islands ending back on Maui at Hanaka’o’o Sunday Sept 20, 2012. The first leg, Maliko Gultch to Kamalo, Moloka’i; second, Moloka’i to Hulopoe, Lana’i and third leg, Lana’i back to Hanaka’o’o, Maui.

Participants were ecstatic this weekend to find optimum conditions on all channels. The finishing times for each leg and overall are below:

Day 1: Maui to Moloka’i

Women’s Division:
1. Maui Linen 5:12’09
2. Waikiki Beach Girls 5:19’35
3. Lae’ula 5:53’43
4. Kahana 5:56’51

Men’s Division:
1. Healani 4:46’30
2. Kahana 4:55’50

Mix’s Division:
1. Calgary 5:45’36

Day 2: Moloka’i to Lana’i

Women’s Division:
1. Maui Linen 4:40’34
2. Waikiki Beach Girls 4:46’26
3. Kahana: 5:23’40
4. Lae’ula 5:36’13

Men’s Division:
1. Healani 4:10’49
2. Kahana 4:35’19

Mix’s Division:
1. Calgary 5:12’54

Day 3: Lana’i to Maui

Women’s Division:
1. Maui Linen 2:36’13
2. Waikiki Beach Girls 2:39’33
3. Kahana 2:54’17
4. Lae’ula 2:54’57

Men’s Division:
1. Healani 2:24’07
2. Kahana 2:31’13

Mix’s Division:
1. Calgary 2:46’11

Overall Times:
1. Maui Linen 12:28
2. Waikiki Beach Girls 12:44
3. Kahana 14:13
4. Lae’ula 14:23

1. Healani 11:20
2. Kahana 12:01

1. Calgary 13:43

The Healani Men took home the overall title again for the second year in a row. They will have their name positioned onto the perpetual trophy (featured attached in the photo,) Maui Nui Canoe Race apparel (shirts, jerseys and hats) and $1000.00 cash.


Photo credit:  Kristina Dougherty
Featured in photo from left to right: Bj Bagood, Gino Dayton (coach), Michael Yakonvich, Ikaika Rogerson, Robert Kapuni Patcho, Kea Paiaina, Mahoe Haia, Maui Cambra, Chauncey Cody and Francisco Javier Arango (in the back) 

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