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2014 Maui Nui Canoe Race Call for Entries

2014 Maui Nui Canoe Race Call for Entries

2014 Maui Nui Canoe Race Call for Entries


2014 Application

2014 Application

Our 2014 Application Form is ready to go. Intent to Participate deadline is Sept1. Application Deadline is Oct5.


Intent to Participate Form*

Intent to Participate Form*

Our 2014 Intent to Participate Form is ready to go. Deadline is Sept1. Application Deadline is Oct5.


Hat’s Hat’s Hat’s!

Hat's Hat's Hat's!

Maui Nui Canoe Race Gear! Hat’s Hat’s Hat’s are here! Jerseys coming soon. $20 and going fast!


Maui Nui Canoe Race 2013 Application

Maui Nui Canoe Race 2013 Application

The Maui Nui Canoe Race 2013 Application are ready to go! Please be aware of some of the changes we have made to it. We’d like to ask that you list all of your support crew members and add $50 for each of them to cover their meals and accommodations* Deadline is Oct10!

2013 Video Coverages!

2013 Video’s are up and ready to rock! wooohooo! Check it out and see if your in it!









2013 MNCR Results


The 3rd annual Maui Nui Canoe Race launched Friday morning, October 19, 2013 and would cover the weekend spanning three islands ending back on Maui at Hanaka’o’o Sunday Oct 21, 2013. The first leg, Maliko Gultch to Kamalo, Moloka’i; second, Moloka’i to Hulopoe, Lana’i and third leg, Lana’i back to Hanaka’o’o, Maui.



Maui Nui Canoe Race 2013

Day One – Maliko Bay to Kamalo, Moloka’i
Women’s Division:
1st – Team Maui Linen 5:57:00
2nd – Lae Ula O Kai 6:22:00
3rd – Kahana 6:26:00

Men’s Division:
1st – Kahana 5:26:00
2nd – Napili 5:40:00

Mix Division:
1st – Calgary 6:14:00
2nd – Japan 7:07:00

Day Two – Kamalo, Moloka’i to Hulopo’e Bay, Lana’i
Women’s Division:
1st – Team Maui Linen 5:03:00
2nd – Lae Ula O Kai 5:29:00
3rd – Kahana 5:32:00

Men’s Division:
1st – Kahana 4:43:00
2nd – Napili 4:47:00

Mix Division:
1st – Calgary 5:06:00
2nd – Japan 5:55:00

Day Three – Hulopo’e Bay, Lana’i to Hanakao’o Beach, Maui
Women’s Division:
1st – Team Maui Linen 2:37:00
2nd – Lae Ula O Kai 2:49:00
3rd – Kahana 2:53:00

Men’s Division:
1st – Kahana 2:30:00
2nd – Napili 2:33:00

Mix Division:
1st – Calgary 2:36:00
2nd – Japan 2:53:00

Women’s Division:
1st – Team Maui Linen 13:37:00
2nd – Lae Ula O Kai 14:40:00
3rd – Kahana 14:51:00

Men’s Division:
1st – Kahana 12:39:00
2nd – Napili 13:00:00

Mix Division:
1st – Calgary 13:56:00
2nd – Japan 15:55:00


MNCR Teasers!

Maui Nui-

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Welcome to the home of the Maui Nui Canoe Race.

The Maui Nui Canoe Race is an ambitious undertaking that will challenge the skill and endurance of all participants.  With over 100 miles of paddling this race will span a length of 3 days.  At an affordable price this is not only a great value but will one day garner interest from ocean enthusiasts around the globe.

The first leg of the race is a 42 mile run from Maliko Bay, Maui to Moloka’i.  One of windiest channels in the Hawaiian Islands, the Pailolo Channel takes the trades that funnel between Maui and  Moloka‘i and transforms them into perfectly spaced bumps that offer rides virtually all the way from the start at Maliko Bay to Molokai.

The second leg of the race is a 38 mile run from Moloka’i to Hulopoe Bay, Lana’i.  The Kailohi Channel is known as one of the least treacherous channels between islands in Hawaii. However,  strong winds and choppy ocean conditions will offer a challenge at the beginning of the course.  Depending on the strength of the trade winds the course will either continue to be challenging or open up to a calm ocean on the backside of Lana’i, at Ka’ena Point and all the way to the finish at Manele Bay.

The third and final leg of the race is a 20 mile run from Hulopoe Bay, Lana’i to Hanakaoʻo Beach Park, Maui.  This leg of the race starts in the Kealaikahiki Channel and ends in the ‘Au’Au Channel.  The ‘Au’Au Channel is one of the most protected areas of ocean in the Hawaiian Islands.  Not only does it lie between Lana’i and Maui, it is also protected by Moloka’i to the north & Kaho’olawe to the south.

E hele mai! Come and join us!


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