You may now download the Intent to participate, print, fill out and send in to let us know that you will be joining us this year.

2018 Intent to Participate

You may now pay your entry fee online by downloading, filling out, and email/faxing a credit card authorization form in. See below to download the pdf version.

Download Authorization Form


3 thoughts on “Registration

  1. Aloha,
    This is Pauahi and we are so excited to do this race again this year.
    The Maui Nui Race has to be one of our favorite races that we have done.
    We would like to secure a spot and make sure we are one of the ten.
    It is a little chaotic right now as we are starting the distance season on Sunday with Dad Center and Kona the following week-end . We are all doing Ilau hoe ,Pailolo and Na wahine. We are for sure doing this race.

    • After hearing about how much fun this event was & is, and what it means to every individual ~ for whatever reason… I feel the need to play… stay in touch Pauahi & Shin~Lu xoxo

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