Shipping & Hauling

For clubs travelling to Maui from the neighbor islands, we recommend shipping your own canoes. If you cannot ship a canoe, please contact me, I cannot guarantee there will be canoes available and we would request that if you do borrow a canoe to please bring a small donation to gift to the canoe club in which you’re borrowing a canoe from.

Canoes shipped to Kahului must be sent prepaid, and canoes returned will be sent COD.

When shipping your canoes, please strap them down if possible. Rigging cord used to tie canoes can break.

We will make sure your straps stay with your canoes, and we ask you have the straps in the canoes when we are ready to return them to the dock on Monday morning
Canoes can be put on either 20 or 40ft racks provided by Young Brothers. You can also combine canoes from more than one club, and split the shipping fees. Please show Kahana Canoe Club  as the consignee on the Young Brothers Bill of Landing, with  Miranda Kane  808-268-9213 as the contact info.

Kahana Canoe Club will trailer all canoes consigned to us from Kahului to DT Fleming before the race, and will return all canoes to Kahului Monday morning.
Typically all returning canoes are put on the barge to Honolulu Tuesday. Big Island and Kauai canoes make connecting barges in Honolulu.

We look forward to seeing you here in September.

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